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Faultless Hot Iron Cleaner

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Universal Faultless Hot Iron Cleaner

If your iron has started to let you down due to residue build up on its soleplate, this simple product can help. This fantastic cream cleaner works wonders on hot irons, removing sticky residue or burnt on fabrics, that can reduce the efficiency of your iron or transfer marks to your clothes. It is easily applied with a clean cloth, and is safe to use on all metal, Teflon® and Siverstone® coated soleplates. You'll have your iron gleaming and gliding again in no time!


  • Removes residue from your iron's soleplate
  • Simple to use while the soleplate is still hot
  • Melts away build-up to get the best from your iron
  • Use each time you finish ironing to maintain the soleplate
  • Non-flammable and non-toxic
  • Safe for use on all metal, Teflon® and Silverstone® coated soleplates
  • Quantity - 1 oz / 28 grams

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