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Tonic Studios Dies Kensington Handbag - A Plus Craft

Tonic Studios Dies Kensington Handbag

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With this die set you can create any number of different styles and looks with a total of 11 decorative dies meaning you can make the base handbag die with only 2 dies. Similar to our other handbag die set (CHELSEA handbag die set) it comes with decorative inners for the to add a Rose and vine look to your handbag. The difference with this handbag die set in comparison to the last is that it has a long thin die that can be used to create handles or a strap like effect. This die set also comes with three small dies to add that finishing touch by making it as a button for the handbag, a buckle etc. Its great for all occasions to be used to store knick knacks, it can be used as a gift box, hold earing/jewellery etc.

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