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Logan 5000 8-Ply Bevel Handheld Mat Cutter--A Plus Craft NZ

Logan 5000 8-Ply Bevel Handheld Mat Cutter

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The Logan Model 5000 8-ply Mat Cutter is designed primarily to cut to 8-ply mat board but can be adjusted to cut standard 4-ply mat board also. The 5000 features an ergonomic and magnetic blade holder with an easy adjustable blade depth knob plus start and stop indicator for zero overcuts. The #5000 8 Ply Bevel Cutter is compatible with Logan Compact series, Artist Elite and Simplex series mat cutters. Uses Logan Blade Model 271.

Product Details

  • Features an adjustable depth magnetic blade holding magazine.
  • Has an ergonomic grip with adjustable nylon guides for use with various Logan straight edges and mat cutters.
  • Start and stop indicators for zero overcuts.

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